What is Nodevember?

Nodevember is a two-day conference touching on all aspects of Javascript programming. The conference includes seminars, workshops, tutorials, panel discussions, open spaces, code sprints, and lightning talks. All skill levels are represented, from newcomers to advanced. This is the first year of what will soon be an annual conference.

Nodevember 2014 will be held November 15th and 16th, 2014 in Nashville, TN.

William Golden, Conference Chair

+1 (615) 753-9484

Jason Myers, Sponsorship Chair

+1 (615) 796-6526

Would you like to help?

Please join us on irc.freenode.net / #nodevember or (apply) to the organizers mailing list.


Node.js is an official trademark of Joyent. This event is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent Node.js open source or commercial project